Leave your stress-filled work week behind

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Leave your stress-filled work week behind

From Producer Gregg McVicar, creator of UnderCurrents, the popular music show heard on 170 stations nationwide, comes a new, weekly, two-hour series designed especially for the start of the weekend (even if your station is primarily news/talk!).

Hosts Gregg McVicar and Gabriela Castelán ease listeners from the hectic work week into a playful weekend state of mind with great music and engaging conversation.

UnderCurrents WEEKEND offers a mix of new records and deep favorites, a multi-cultural celebration of Alternative, Roots, Rock and emerging artists, similar to UnderCurrents, but with a breezier weekend vibe.

Plus Gregg, Gabriela and friends converse about the fun things we do on the weekends like concerts, cooking, and movies, and take the mic out of the studio and to farmer’s markets, dog parks, festivals, beaches, anywhere friends gather to have fun for vox pop interviews with people enjoying weekend activities.

For more information about UnderCurrents WEEKEND, check out our Program Listing.

Cosmos, Consciousness and Meaning

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Cosmos, Consciousness and Meaning


Bring the world’s greatest thinkers to your listeners as we explore humanity’s deepest questions.

Now the Closer To Truth Radio Hour brings these discussions to public radio audiences, offering cutting-edge insights from leading thinkers on the vital ideas of existence:

  • Are Science And Religion At War?
  • Does The Cosmos Provide Meaning?
  • Is Consciousness an Illusion?
  • Could Our Universe Be a Fake?
  • Can Brain Explain Mind?
  • Can Science Deal With God?
  • Would Alien Intelligence Undermine God?
  • What’s The New Atheism?
  • Does Evil Disprove God?
  • Complexity From Simplicity?

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Where Game of Thrones Begins

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Where Game of Thrones Begins

As the premiere of Game of Thrones approaches, With Good Reason traces the medieval roots of the hit TV show, discussing the influence of Tolkien and medieval literature. Our guest makes predictions about what’s to come in Westeros and Essos.

For more information about The Thomas Jefferson Hour, check out our Program Listing.

April’s Top Books and more

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April’s Top Books and more
This Month on Insight Daily
The editors of BookPage share their insights and reviews of today’s best-selling books and newest discoveries, including March’ top picks in fiction, non-fiction, and mystery.
Co-author Gary Small, explores the latest evidence on disease prevention and shares strategies to prevent an early onset of symptoms.
Author Kate O’Hearn
International best-selling author Kate O’Hearn discusses her popular “Pegasus” middle-grade childrens book series set in her home town of New York and filled with characters from Roman mythology.
Blogger Lisana Jeffries from The Art of All Things looks at accents, April Fools Day, Double Eagle coins, self-driving cars, and the number zero.

Grand Opening!

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Grand Opening!

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