Listeners of all ages love Broadway and Hollywood Musicals

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Listeners of all ages love Broadway and Hollywood Musicals

Footlight Parade: Sounds of the American Musical   

Public Radio’s Most Popular and Longest Running Broadway and Hollywood Musical Program

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From Broadway (Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen) to the small screen (Jesus Christ Superstar Live,  The Sound of Music Live) to the silver screen (Aladdin, The Lion King), America loves musicals –

Convert this highly educated, culturally passionate and charitable audience into loyal listeners with Footlight Parade: Sounds of the American Musical.

Each week on Footlight Parade: Sounds of the American Musical, Host Bill Rudman delivers an engaging and informative program cleverly connected around a theme.

Footlight Parade features: 

  • The best of Broadway and Hollywood music including rarely heard recordings.
  • Entertaining and insightful backstage stories, anecdotes, and historical perspectives.
  • Exclusive archival interviews with, and in-depth profiles of  America’s greatest actors, composers, directors and producers, such as Yip Harburg, Barbara Cook, and George Abbott.

For more information, visit:

Dive in with over 250 stations

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Dive in with over 250 stations

Now in its 9th year, Sound Beat has grown steadily to become one of Public Radio’s most popular daily features    A free, daily, 90 second feature, Sound Beat highlights the holdings of the Syracuse University Libraries’ Belfer Audio Archive, one of the largest sound archives in the United States.    

Like a trip through the history of recorded sound, Sound Beat episodes feature rare and unique recordings from the Archive, and entertaining backstorys detailing their place in recording history. 

For more information, visit:

New Dimensions

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New Dimensions

Uncommon Wisdom for Unconventional Times

New Dimensions is a powerful and transformative weekly program featuring deep dialogues with innovative, enlightened, and trust worthy wisdom leaders.

Each week New Dimensions will bring to your station deep dialogues about how we can live a healthier life of mind, body, and spirit while deepening our connections to self, family, community, environment, and planet.

FREE One Hour Weekly available through downloads

To arrange to begin carrying this outstanding program series, contact:

Justine Toms, Co-Founder, Executive Director and Host –

The Children’s Hour

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The Children’s Hour

The Children’s Hour, a popular Saturday morning staple of KUNM in Albuquerque, NM for nearly two decadesis now available nationally.

The Children’s Hour is an entertaining and educational weekly, one-hour program created for and with kids that appeals to the whole family.  Each episode seeks to entertain while recognizing that almost no topic is too “sophisticated” for children.  

  • A free, easily accessible weekly educational program for children’s listening.
  • Topics are incredibly diverse, focusing on literacy, civic engagement, science, history, theater, and culture, using interviews, storytelling, poetry, music, and discussion. 
  • The show features young performers and thinkers, as well as adult expert guests.
  • Show themes are weaved together with great music.
  • Kids participate in all aspects of production, from producing to writing to on-air interviews

For more information, visit HERE.

The Alien Chronicles – My Immigrant Journey

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The Alien Chronicles –  My Immigrant Journey

A one-hour documentary features excerpts from three interviews that capture the essence of immigrant experiences in the US. Each interviewee talks about their immigrant experience from a different vantage point in the most engaging manner.

From her popular Alien Chronicles podcast Saadia Khan shares the stories of

  • A U.S. citizen living as an immigrant in Spain
  • A Palestinian Christian from the West Bank who became a comedian, and
  • A LGBQ refugee from Nigeria  

Length: 54 Minutes  Available: PRX, AudioPort, Download
Cost:  FREE