How to Resolve Conflict in Relationships: A Conversation with Esther Perel

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How to Resolve Conflict in Relationships: A Conversation with Esther Perel

on Open to Debate

Conflict is not reserved for politics or public policy — it also happens within relationships.  Couples have arguments over what’s happening behind closed doors, their beliefs, and how to navigate the future together. However, it’s through resolving conflict that both people in the relationship feel heard and seen. Psychotherapist, relationship expert, and New York Times-bestselling author Esther Perel has spent her career offering insight and guidance to individuals and couples. She says conflict, when navigated skillfully, can lead to growth, resilience, and a stronger bond. In this conversation with host and moderator-in-chief John Donvan, Perel discusses her new “Turning Conflict into Connection” online course, shares her experience working with different relationship types, strategies anyone can use for transforming disagreement into a constructive dialogue, and the importance of validating both sides’ perspectives in any situation. 

Our guest: Esther Perel, Psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author  

Emmy award-winning journalist John Donvan moderates 

The Best of Broadway and Hollywood

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The Best of Broadway and Hollywood

Footlight Parade: Sounds of the American Musical 

Public Radio’s Most Popular and Longest Running Broadway and Hollywood Musical Program

Since 1998, Footlight Parade: Sounds of the American Musical has been presenting the best of Broadway and Hollywood, from the early 20th century to current hits: from Gershwin, Berlin and Rodgers & Hammerstein to Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The best of Broadway and Hollywood music including rarely heard recordings.

“Bill Rudman brings musical theater history to life with charm, wit, insight, warmth, convivial chat and a wealth of knowledge”.

Entertaining and insightful backstage stories, anecdotes, and historical perspectives from Host and Producer Bill Rudman, a nationally recognized authority on musical theatre.

 “I don’t know which I prefer: the music or your informative and entertaining commentary. BOTH are excellent!”

Exclusive archival interviews with, and in-depth interviews with of  such acclaimed artists as lyricist Sheldon Harnick (Fiddler on the Roof and She Loves Me), composer John Kander (Cabaret and Chicago) and singers Mandy Patinkin and the late Barbara Cook, and many more!

“Bill’s in-depth interviews with all manner of artists provide a permanent, irreplaceable archive.”

Cost: FREE

Length: 56:50

Available: PRX Automated Delivery, Downloads

Echoes of a Coup

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Echoes of a Coup

From John Biewen and Scene on Radio – Echoes of a Coup

A new one-hour special for Black History MonthAVAILABLE NOW

Echoes of a Coup tells the story of the only successful coup d’etat in U.S. history — the 1898 racially motivated massacre and coup in Wilmington, North Carolina.

In November, 1898, an armed White supremacist mob – supported by most White elites in North Carolina – murdered untold Black Wilmington residents and drove the city’s elected Fusionist government from power, installing Democrats in their place. (Fusionists were a biracial coalition of mostly-Black Republicans and mostly-White members of the Populist Party.) The coup in North Carolina’s then-largest city violently snuffed out some of the last flickers of multiracial democracy in post-Civil War America.

The attack was explicitly White supremacist; politicians and establishment journalists had called for the overthrow of what they called “negro rule.” Wilmington’s Black community would never be the same. In addition to the Black Wilmingtonians who were murdered (estimates range from about twenty to several hundred), thousands, including many of the most prominent and successful Black leaders and business people, fled the city, never to return. In 1898, Black people made up 50% of Wilmington’s population; today, the city is 17% Black, below the state average.

Echoes of a Coup puts these events in historical context, at a time when the United States is once again facing threats of political violence, amid orchestrated attacks on democracy – from within.

FREE one-hour special

AVAILABLE NOW on PRX, AudioPort, & Download

Black History Month Specials

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Black History Month Specials

from With Good Reason

New This Year:


Available on PRX, AudioPort, and Download

Visions of Style

In the late 70s, the University of Virginia inherited 10,000 glass plate negatives from the Holsinger Studio. Among them were 600 portraits self-commissioned by Black Virginians. Now, through the Visions of Style and Progress exhibition the images are transforming the way that viewers think about life for Black Virginians at the turn of the 20th century.

Plus: It’s difficult to imagine that the highway was someone’s home. But it was. A once thriving Richmond neighborhood known as the Harlem of the South fell victim to intentionally destructive city planners.

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Black and Fine

Some of America’s first maestros of European art music were enslaved and free Virginians of African descent. Violinist David McCormick shares the music of the Black violinists of Monticello from the Hemings and Scott families. 

Also: Justin Holland was a black man who was born free in 1819 in Norfolk County, Virginia. He became one of America’s first classical guitarists and was respected by European Classical Guitar Masters. 

Later in the show: Renowned musician JoVia Armstrong plays some of her latest works and discusses how her childhood led to her life as a musician and composer. This episode is hosted by musician and With Good Reason sound engineer Jamal Millner, who spent 20 years as a professional touring musician and composer and was a member of the Corey Harris 5×5.

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Dinner Theatre

In Richmond, Virginia, you can walk up to a fridge and get fresh produce for your Thanksgiving table no questions asked. And it all started because Taylor Scott of “Community Fridge” had a few extra tomatoes to spare.

Michael Carter Jr of Carter Family Farm is a fifth-generation black farmer. He says he’s growing farmers. Not crops. And he’s doing it through a practice that he calls Africulture.

The famed Virginia Housewife Cookbook did a lot for Mary Randolph’s reputation, but she wasn’t the one in the kitchen. Leni Sorenson, who the New York Times calls America’s most unsung food historian, is cooking her way through the Virginia Housewife cookbook, and celebrating the lives and culinary skills of the enslaved women and men who really threw down in the kitchen.

Lee Campbell was a celebrated New York sommelier when she got an assignment to visit a Shenandoah Valley winery. She had very low expectations. Now, she’s made a home there and says Virginia’s wine tells a story of America.

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HBCU Renaissance

HBCUs are experiencing a renaissance, sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for racial justice.

Plus: HBCU bands like the Trojan Explosion play with power and energy. That unique HBCU sound and style is the pinnacle of Black musical excellence.

And: Jemayne King is both a proud sneakerhead and an English professor at Virginia State University. He’s teaching the first ever college English course on sneaker culture at HBCU’s.

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Cozy up this Winter

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Cozy up this Winter

Sound Beat has grown steadily to become one of Public Radio’s most popular daily features    A free, daily, 90 second feature, Sound Beat highlights the holdings of the Syracuse University Libraries’ Belfer Audio Archive, one of the largest sound archives in the United States.    

Like a trip through the history of recorded sound, Sound Beat episodes feature rare and unique recordings from the Archive, and entertaining backstorys detailing their place in recording history. 

For more information, visit: