California Burning

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California Burning

Solutions to California’s Wildfire Problem

A five-episode limited series

Natural disasters are increasing across the nation. In the West, these disasters often come in the form of wildfire, and perhaps no State understands the true cost of wildfire as California. While the Golden State has always had forest fires, these conflagrations are progressively becoming harder to control and more deadly. At the same time, California’s population has surpassed 40 million, pushing people further into wild spaces that have been adapted to fire. California Burning takes a deep and critical look at how the state’s fire-prone forests have been managed, and how we can all learn from the past to be better stewards of the land and avoid catastrophic wildfires in the future.

LENGTH: 1 hour (Five total hours)   COST: Free   AVAILABLE: PRX, AudioPort, & Download WEBSITE:

Available on September 30th


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This week on Insight Daily Radio, INSP‘s new original Western adjacent reality/docuseries titled Turquoise Fever.  Premiering the week of August 5th, the series follows the Otteson family as they work to grow their turquoise mining empire outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Just north of Las Vegas a real fortune awaits. The unforgiving Great Basin Desert may not seem like an ideal place to strike it rich, but buried beneath the barren landscape is a treasure worth millions. The challenge is knowing how to find it.

For three generations the Otteson family has been unearthing some of the most sought-after turquoise in the world. Turquoise Fever follows the clan as they battle inhospitable conditions and intense dangers from their base of operations in Tonopah, Nevada. From detonating explosives on treacherous slopes to the pressure of meeting the demands of international buyers, every day is a wild adventure and there is always a thin line between failure and success.

For more information about Insight Daily Radio, visit:

For more information about Turquoise Fever, visit:

Sound Beat

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Sound Beat


A free, daily, 90 second feature, Sound Beat highlights the holdings of the Syracuse University Libraries’ Belfer Audio Archive, one of the largest sound archives in the United States.

Like a trip through the history of recorded sound, Sound Beat episodes feature rare and unique recordings from the Archive, and entertaining backstorys detailing their place in recording history. 

For more information, visit:

The Children’s Hour

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The Children’s Hour

The Children’s Hour, a popular Saturday morning staple of KUNM in Albuquerque, NM for nearly two decadesis now available nationally.

The Children’s Hour is an entertaining and educational weekly, one-hour program created for and with kids that appeals to the whole family.  Each episode seeks to entertain while recognizing that almost no topic is too “sophisticated” for children.  

  • A free, easily accessible weekly educational program for children’s listening.
  • Topics are incredibly diverse, focusing on literacy, civic engagement, science, history, theater, and culture, using interviews, storytelling, poetry, music, and discussion. 
  • The show features young performers and thinkers, as well as adult expert guests.
  • Show themes are weaved together with great music.
  • Kids participate in all aspects of production, from producing to writing to on-air interviews

For more information, visit HERE.

Now in its 4th Season

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Now in its 4th Season

The new season of Ozark Highlands Radio features exclusive live recordings from Taj Mahal, The Secret Sisters, John McEuen, The Seldom Scene, and more.

Ozark Highlands Radio kicked off its 4th Season of new programs in January with:
Banjo Time! Host Dave Smith and banjo royalty Mark Jones explore music of the banjo:

  • From its ancient African roots, we’ll follow the banjo’s transition from a slave instrument into the mainstream of American popular and folk music.
  • Mark and Dave will guide us through performances by various banjo masters covering a myriad of styles into which the banjo has evolved,
  • Mark Jones also offers an archival recording of ubiquitous Ozark banjo legend Bookmiller Shannon performing the tune “Shortnin’ Bread.”
  • Writer, musician, and traditional dancer Aubrey Atwater presents “The African American Banjo,” illuminating the African roots of this enduring musical instrument.

Available FREE on PRX SubAuto and download

For more information, visit our Program page.