Fundraising Premiums From Classical Kids

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Fundraising Premiums From Classical Kids

Gershwin’s Magic Key
A musical adventure featuring the Chicago Youth Orchestras that introduces Gershwin’s extraordinary life and musical masterpieces as a professional recording with music played by kids, for Kids!
Available as Fundraising Premiums

The award-winning Classical Kids Series has created new generations of classical music fans through its unique blend of dramatic stories based on the historical facts and musical masterpieces of the world’s best-loved composers. This recording is produced by Classical Kids Music Education, a non-profit organization that also produces the live stage adaptations of the Classical Kids audio series in collaboration with professional orchestras, reaching millions of children and their families around the world.

Gershwin’s Magic Key is available for pre-sale now though Children’s Group. Digital CDs and MP3s will be available on Feb. 25, 2021. Gershwin’s Magic Key will also be available as an Audiobook.
Please email if you would like CDs of Gershwin’s Magic Key for your next fundraising drive.

On Gershwin’s Magic Key you’ll hear the best-loved compositions by George Gershwin, played by the Chicago Youth Orchestras. In this way a new generation of the most talented high-school musicians in the Chicago area are passing the enjoyment of Gershwin’s music on to an even newer generation of children. Classical Kids chose the acclaimed Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras to play on this project in order to increase the recording’s impact and inspire an excellence in young people – both those playing and those listening – to reach beyond themselves and their own potential.

Gershwin’s Magic Key is the latest recorded project in the award-winning Classical Kids collection! Created and produced by Chicago-based Classical Kids Music Education, whose mission is to provide children with an exciting and educational point of entry into the world of classical music.
The Children’s Group is excited to release the studio recording of the Classical Kids LIVE! production, Gershwin’s Magic Key, featuring the voices of Elic Bramlett and Leslie Ann Sheppard as well as pianist Will Martin, the two professional actors and the musician featured in the original live concert which was supported by the Gershwin Family Interests and the National Endowment for the Arts and that premiered with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Link to CYSO Concert Master Ariana O’Connell talking about her involvement in the Gershwin’s Magic Key recording.
Link to CYSO Conductor Allen Tinkham talking about his organization and its involvement in the Gershwin’s Magic Key project.
For more information on Classical Kids, visit

The Reckoning

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The Reckoning

Facing the Legacy of Slavery in America   Episodes 1-3 available now.

In a four-hour series for public radio, The Reckoning traces the history and lasting impact of slavery in America by looking at how the institution unfolded in Kentucky.  This history is the genesis of many of the issues that have exploded into public consciousness throughout the country in 2020.
The state remained in the Union during the Civil War, but many white Kentuckians fought to hang onto slavery and the wealth the enslaved provided.  In the years that followed, former Unionists and Confederates banded together to violently deny black citizens a seat at the table. As part of this story, we will meet members of two families, one white and one black, whose lives were intertwined through slavery. These families reflect how slavery touched nearly every person, place and institution in America, and how the country still needs to reconcile this painful past with the impact slavery has had on the present day health, wealth and safety of African Americans.

Episodes 1-3 available on PRX , AudioPort, and Download.

Episode 4, which will connect the past to present day issues, will be available after the Nov. election. 

Episode 1: Invisible History

The history of slavery is often taught as a bitter chapter of America’s past that has been rectified. But in Kentucky that history has been rarely acknowledged, and is poorly documented. This has made it particularly difficult for African American families to learn anything about their enslaved ancestors. We’ll meet one Black family just beginning to learn about their family’s connections to a plantation in Louisville.    Available: PRX, AudioPort, Download    Length:  58:00  (Promos and 4:00 News Feature available )  Cost:  Free 

Episode 2: Recovering History

Due to prohibitions against enslaved people learning to read and write, there are only a few written records left behind by formerly enslaved Kentuckians. But thankfully, over 100 people were interviewed during the 1930s about their experiences while enslaved. These narratives, combined with letters and diaries kept by white enslavers, help us better understand the true nature of slavery in Kentucky.        Available: PRX, AudioPort, Download  Length:  58:00  (Promos and 4:00 News Feature available) Cost:  Free 

Episode 3: Aftermath 

White Kentuckians fought on both sides of the Civil War but came together at war’s end to oppose a common foe–newly emancipated African Americans yearning for education, dignity, and a decent living. In the years that followed, Kentucky pioneered restrictive racial laws that became models for the rest of the South, and thwarted many efforts by Black Kentuckians to prosper–using violence and terror to accomplish whatever the law could not.       Available: PRX, AudioPort, Download      Length:  58:00  (Promos and 4:00 News Feature available) Cost:  Free 

Episode 4: Facing The Past (Available after Nov. 3)

There are clear lines that connect the legacy of slavery to many of our present day issues, including the racial inequities of COVID-19 infection and deaths, wealth inequality, and ongoing police brutality. A true and deep understanding of our history allows us to navigate the present moment and stop running away from the past. We will explore these topics in a special presentation to be distributed after the November election.   Available: PRX, AudioPort, Download   Length:  58:00   (Promos and 4:00 News Feature available) Cost:  Free(Can also be used as a stand-alone hour special)  

Free Weekly Programs from BYUradio

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Free Weekly Programs from BYUradio

Insightful interviews and in-depth conversations on Top of Mind with Julie Rose
and storytelling from around the world on The Apple Seed 

A weekly best-of compilation from Julie’s daily TOP OF MIND broadcasts  Smart, informative conversations and interviews that go beyond mere headlines and sound bites.  
If it’s top of mind, Julie Rose will talk about it – insightful, live interviews and in depth conversations with government leaders, business executives, university scholars, and more. It’s dialogue so engaging that one listener called Top of Mind “the only [show] that I go out of my way to listen to.”

LENGTH: 1 or 2 hours weekly (clean break between hour 1 & hour 2)


Conversation, music, and stories from around the world
We live in an exciting era of storytelling revival. People are awakening to the power and the fun of listening to stories on stages around the country, at the kitchen table, and on the radio.  The Apple Seed is filled with tales gathered from around the world  — stories of all kinds — tall tales, fairy tales, folk tales, personal tales, historical tales, and more — along with an invitation to use the stories on the show as inspiration to share stories with each other, all brought to you by award-winning host, musician, and storyteller Sam Payne.

LENGTH: 1 or 2 hours weekly (clean break between hour 1 & hour 2)


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The pandemic has been a major disruption to almost every facet of human life.
In this Hard Times special Ozark Highlands Radio reaches out to various OHR featured artists to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic.
Because of lock-downs and social distancing requirements combined with the nature of their work, touring musicians have been completely shut down. Not only are they dealing with an immediate and unexpected lack of income but also a very uncertain future.
Notable musicians open up about how they, their careers, and their art have been affected by these trying events.
We’ll also hear music from these hard driving gig workers, recorded live at Ozark Folk Center State Park.

Featured Artists:

  • Canadian Ottawa Valley fiddler and step dancer April Verch,
  • Mark Bilyeu of the Ozark original group “The Creek Rocks,”
  • International autoharp maverick and poet Bryan Bowers
  • North Carolina oldtime songwriter and clawhammer banjo slinger Joe Newberry, and
  • Florida contemporary mountain dulcimer Jedi Bing Futch

AVAILABLE on PRX and Download

Keep out of the cold

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Keep out of the cold

…Stay in and listen to Sound Beat!

A free, daily, 90 second feature, Sound Beat highlights the holdings of the Syracuse University Libraries’ Belfer Audio Archive, one of the largest sound archives in the United States.

Like a trip through the history of recorded sound, Sound Beat episodes feature rare and unique recordings from the Archive, and entertaining backstorys detailing their place in recording history. 

For more information, visit: