Great Stories from our greatest writers with stars of stage and screen

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Great Stories from our greatest writers with stars of stage and screen

L.A. Theatre Works offers audiences great performances of contemporary and classic plays – from Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde to Arthur Miller and recent Tony winners, performed by today’s top actors.
Actors have included George Clooney, Chris Rock, Bobby Cannavale, Jane Kaczmarek, Kathleen Turner, Simon Helberg, Amber Tamblyn, Tessa Thompson, Stacy Keach, John Lithgow, Matthew Rhys, Alfred Molina, Jonathan Groff, Dule Hill…and an ever-expanding list of stars from TV, stage, and film.

  • Podcasting hits have created a new, younger audience that embraces long-form storytelling and audio drama.
  • L.A.Theatre Works is a proven public radio program that will appeal to this new generation of listeners.
  • In today’s world of virtual performances and with no live theatre for the foreseeable future, L.A. Theatre Works provides listeners with first-rate entertainment and escape from the news of the day.
  • L.A. Theatre Works is the world’s leading producer of audio theatre.

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The pandemic of 2020 has been a major disruption to almost every facet of human life.
In this Hard Times special Ozark Highlands Radio reaches out to various OHR featured artists to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic.
Because of lock-downs and social distancing requirements combined with the nature of their work, touring musicians have been completely shut down. Not only are they dealing with an immediate and unexpected lack of income but also a very uncertain future.
Notable musicians open up about how they, their careers, and their art have been affected by these trying events.
We’ll also hear music from these hard driving gig workers, recorded live at Ozark Folk Center State Park.

Featured Artists:

  • Canadian Ottawa Valley fiddler and step dancer April Verch,
  • Mark Bilyeu of the Ozark original group “The Creek Rocks,”
  • International autoharp maverick and poet Bryan Bowers
  • North Carolina oldtime songwriter and clawhammer banjo slinger Joe Newberry, and
  • Florida contemporary mountain dulcimer Jedi Bing Futch

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Escape the world of today

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Escape the world of today


A free, daily, 90 second feature, Sound Beat highlights the holdings of the Syracuse University Libraries’ Belfer Audio Archive, one of the largest sound archives in the United States.

Like a trip through the history of recorded sound, Sound Beat episodes feature rare and unique recordings from the Archive, and entertaining backstorys detailing their place in recording history. 

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Voices From Around the World

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Voices From Around the World

Top of Mind Pandemic Special:Voices From Around the World   

On this special edition of Top of Mind,seasoned broadcast journalist Julie Rose brings you conversations with people from various parts of the world, who describe how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed their lives.

Even though we’re isolated in our homes and our offices during this pandemic, basically all of humanity is experiencing something similar. Julie talks with people in the Dominican Republic, Japan, Germany, China, Italy, and Peru to find inspiration and insight from how people are coping around the world. 

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FREE educational & entertaining program

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FREE educational & entertaining program

With schools being closed all over the country, and parents having to home school, The Children’s Hour may be the perfect addition to your schedule for the educational and entertainment needs of families in your community.

“The purpose of public media is to provide programs and services that
inform, educate, enlighten and enrich the public and help inform civil discourse essential to American society.” 

“It is CPB’s particular responsibility to encourage the development of content that involves creative risk and that addresses the needs of unserved and underserved audiences, especially children and minorities.”

The Children’s Hour is A FREE, weekly one-hour program  with intelligent, thoughtful topics and themes that appeals to the whole family.

Each episode seeks to entertain and educate while recognizing that almost no topic is too “sophisticated” for children.

For more information about The Children’s Hour, visit: