Celebrate Earth Day

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Celebrate Earth Day

It’s a special Earth Day weekend of music and
protecting the environment on UnderCurrents WEEKEND

Gregg & Gabriela talk with people who share what they’re doing in their personal life or at work to take care of planet. In Hour 2 we learn the difference between crows and ravens. It’s an Earth Day Special with lots of topical tunes from Joanne Shenandoah, James Gordon and Neil Young, plus new music from Somi, Hajik and San Fermin.

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Working Class Histories

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Working Class Histories

Do you know the history under your feet? At Old Dominion University, students are collecting the untold stories of Lambert’s Point, a historically black neighborhood partially destroyed to make way for the ODU campus. Avi Santo and Tom Chapman are leading the project to recover Norfolk’s black history from the 1900s to today. And: In 2010 the small, mostly black community of Fulton, just outside of Richmond, Virginia, was shocked to learn a black mountain of 85,000 cubic yards of toxic coal ash had been deposited at the edge of a landfill half a mile from the town center.  Jason Sawyer says low income communities are often targeted by industrial polluters, looking for the cheapest and easiest way to dispose of toxic materials. Plus: There’s a lot of misinformation about homelessness—what causes it, what perpetuates it, and how to solve it. Sociologist Debra Schleef says that learning the truths about homelessness can change the way we think about these vulnerable people.

Later in the show: Have you had a colleague who is destructive or ruthless? Rachel Frieder is part of a study that looks for ways to control these workplace saboteurs.  Also: There can be a dark side to creativity.  Gayle Dow looks at malevolently creative people who are constantly thinking of new ways to do us harm.   And: End of Telework? Kevin Rockmann has found that having a number of people work off-site has negative side effects on the folks who come into the office every day.

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Sound Beat is in the air

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Sound Beat is in the air

Spring  into the history of recorded sound!

Sound Beat is a daily, 90-second public radio show that showcases recordings from Syracuse University Libraries’ Belfer Audio Archive, one of the nation’s largest sound archives.

Episodes feature a wide range of recordings from all musical genres, film scores, and great thinkers and political figures such as Albert Einstein and Teddy Roosevelt, and more. Listeners will hear fascinating rare gems, old favorites, and some never heard before recordings.

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Good to Go!

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Good to Go!

You’re free to schedule UnderCurrents daily, weekly or when you’re short-staffed.
With UnderCurrents you’re good to go!

A daily 4-hour music mix of Alternative, Roots, Rock,Native, World, and Emerging Artists.  UnderCurrents is easy to use whenever you need something good!

  • Play as many hours as you like – stand alone or flowing together – the presentation always sounds natural.
  • Customize the local breaks as you please. 
  • And no worries about levels because we’re locked at the -24 LUFS network standard. 
  • Sound Exchange reporting?  We’ve got you covered there too!  All of our playlists are uploaded to SX so that you don’t have to.
Multiple hours of UnderCurrents are heard each week on KXT Dallas, KUTX Austin, WSGE Charlotte-Dallas, Iowa Public Radio, Jefferson Public Radio (CA/OR), Wyoming Public Radio, Colorado Public Media, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, and stations that cover large swaths of Texas, California, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Alaska.
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The Hollywood Musical is BACK!

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The Hollywood Musical is BACK!

Fans of Broadway and Hollywood music, and the Great American Songbook are Public Radio’s core listeners, and the popularity of musicals has never been higher:

  • LA LA Land has won 7 Golden Globes (including “Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy”) and is Nominated for 14 Oscars!
  • Recent years have been the best attended and highest grossing in Broadway recorded history;
  • Live television productions of Hair, Grease, The Wiz, and The Sound of Music drew huge audiences,
  • Good luck getting tickets to Hamilton on Broadway or on the road!

Don’t miss out on this large audience of loyal, affluent, highly educated, culturally passionate and charitable listeners!

Now in it’s 33rd year, Footlight Parade, is Public Radio’s premier syndicated Broadway and Hollywood music program. Each week, Host Bill Rudman calls upon his encyclopedic knowledge, unparalleled collection of recordings, and personal interviews to provide an entertaining and informative program cleverly connected around a theme.

  • great music!
  • entertaining and insightful anecdotes and stories about the shows and stars;
  • Hollywood greats such as Fred Astaire, Danny Kaye, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Julie Andrews;
  • Broadway stars such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jerry Orbach, Idena Menzel, Patti LuPone and Barbara Cook; and
  • rare historical recordings of Broadway shows and luminaries such as Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Noel Coward, Al Jolson, and George M. Cohen.


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