The AAA Format is on the rise!

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The AAA Format is on the rise!

Why UnderCurrents –

  • A hosted AAA/Eclectic mix with a unique, compelling voice that engages existing and new listeners.
  • Host Gregg McVicar, hand picks music that is rich in musicality and cultural values, keeping an ear to new trends while honoring the roots.
  • Gregg and his crew attend a lot of music festivals to experience and meet the artists first hand.
  • Everyday Gregg engages with listeners via social media.
  • UnderCurrents is a culturally inclusive program that appeals to a diverse audience and expands listeners’ understanding of the ways and values of others through its multi-cultural celebration of Alternative, Eclectic, Native, World, Latino, and emerging artists.
  • Four-hours daily – play as many hours as you like – stand alone or flowing together – the presentation always sounds natural.
  • Customize local breaks as you please.
  • No worries about levels – we’re locked at the -24 LUFS network standard.
  • All playlists are uploaded to SX
  • All music is screened for offensive language.

For more information visit our program listing.


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A four episode radio and video documentary series highlighting the dynamic stories of Native American hip-hop MCs.

Since its inception in the 80’s, generations of youth have gravitated to hip-hop. The genre has been the platform for young people to express their art. And we see this in our communities around the world — specifically, in Native America — and how hip-hop culture relates to Native life.

Host/Producer Alexis Sallee travels from Minnesota to Alaska to document Native American rappers’s contributions to modern music.

Each episode follows two artists who share their story and Indigenous history. Through interviews, we hear personal stories from addiction and identity to boarding schools and generational trauma.

Eight rappers bring insight and emotional rawness in exploring disconnection and reconnection to Native culture.

We see these artists’ powerful lyrical and artistic expression work to uplift their communities and inspire youth.

For more information, visit our Program Listing.

Voices of Vietnam: Fighting on Two Fronts

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Voices of Vietnam: Fighting on Two Fronts

African Americans who fought for their country in Vietnam often experienced in the ranks the racism their families endured back home.  While white and black soldiers were unified in battle, that bond broke down back in camp.

Plus: Native Americans fought in Vietnam in greater numbers relative to their population than any other group. We hear testimony of Native Americans who fought for the U.S. on foreign soil.

Also: In the highlands of Vietnam, the indigenous Montagnards fought alongside American soldiers who admired their skill and loyalty. But when Saigon fell, most of them were left behind. Where are the Montagnards today, and what can we learn from their history?

Availble: PRX, AudioPort, Download
Cost: FREE
Length: 1 Hour


Travel through time

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Travel through time

Sound Beat is a daily, 90 second program
highlighting the holdings of the Syracuse University Libraries’ Belfer Audio Archive, one of the largest sound archives in the United States.

Each episode features a recording from the Archive, and an entertaining historical backstory.

The recordings feature popular music performances – old favorites, rare gems, and some never heard before… from Cab Calloway to the castrated stars of Italian opera, you’ll hear it all on the Sound Beat!

Sound Beat episodes also feature speeches and spoken word performances from some of the great thinkers, political figures and luminaries from the late 19th and early- to mid-20th centuries – people like Thomas Edison, George Bernard Shaw, Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein, and Theodore Roosevelt.

For more information visit Sound Beat’s program listing.

Radio from the Ozarks by people who live there

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Radio from the Ozarks by people who live there

Ozark Highlands Radio is a FREE hour-long public radio program that features live musical performances recorded at the Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View, Arkansas.

With archival recordings from native Ozark musicians to the contemporary Roots/Old Time performers of today, Ozark Highlands Radio explores the history, tradition and current trends in traditional and modern acoustic music.

Recent programs have featured:

  • Marty Stuart & the Fabulous Superlatives
  • A. J. Croce
  • The Savoy Family Cajun Band

In addition, “Feature Host” segments take listeners on a musical journey with historians, authors and personalities who explore the people, stories and history of the Ozark region.

  • 40 original programs per year
  • A combination of well-known performers and emerging artists provides listeners with a mix of discovery and familiarity.
  • Superior quality recordings and mixes of live performances
  • Insight and discovery of new places, people and history with “Feature Host” segments
  • Fund Drive show available with promotional materials (OHR hats etc…) for affiliate stations to send donors as thank you gifts for support.

For more information, visit our PROGRAM PAGE.