Let’s Talk Turkey

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Let’s Talk Turkey
Let’s Talk Turkey – Available Nov. 18
Thanksgiving means sitting around the table with the people you love, even if you don’t see eye to eye on politics. In our hyper-polarized time, it can be tough to know how to talk across these differences.
  • Daniel Gifford (George Mason University) says this dynamic isn’t new. Before Americans celebrated Turkey Day, the idea was pushed as a way to bring a divided country together in the lead up to the Civil War.
  • The psychology of how to have difficult conversations across differences.


  • Coming out to your family over the holidays.
  • Alice Waters, chef, food activist, and the founder of Chez Panisse Restaurant Berkeley, California, argues that every child in America should be fed free, organic food at schools.  The author of the new book “Coming to My Senses” speaks candidly about her life before she opened her seminal farm-to-table restaurant.
 Available Nov. 18 as an hour or half hour on:

Passage to the Middle Kingdom

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Passage to the Middle Kingdom
For hundreds of years, China has held sway over the western imagination. With exquisite silks, architecture, poetry, calligraphy, paintings, and more, the bounty of this great civilization pays witness to the enormous creativity and heart of its people.
From America’s suburbs to the subways, from community centers to world-renowned stages, Chinese musicians are bringing the sounds of an ancient art form to our western tapestry. The  Passage to the Middle Kingdom One-Hour Special tells the stories of the instruments, the music, and the keepers of this oral tradition.
The Passage to the Middle Kingdom One-Hour Special is available FREE on –

Fall into the History of Recorded Sound

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Fall into the History of Recorded Sound
Each daily 90-second Sound Beat episode focuses on one particular recording from the Archive, and provides an entertaining back story detailing its place in recording history.
The stories feature recordings from popular and classical music performances, distinctly American musical forms like jazz, bebop, country, and bluegrass, and film scores. Old favorites, rare gems, and some never heard before… from Cab Calloway to the castrated stars of Italian opera, you’ll hear it all on the Sound Beat!

And it’s not just music. Sound Beat episodes also feature speeches and spoken word performances from some of the great thinkers, political figures and luminaries from the late 19th and early- to mid-20th centuries. People like Thomas Edison, George Bernard Shaw, Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein, and Theodore Roosevelt.

A powerful 1 hour special – The Invention of Race

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A powerful 1 hour special – The Invention of Race

A new 1 hour special from The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University

Compiled by Award-winning producer John Biewen from the “Seeing White” series on his “Scene on Radio” podcast, The Invention of Race traces the development of racial and racist ideas from the ancient world — when there was no notion of race — up to the founding of the United States as, fundamentally, a nation of and for white people.

Now Available
cost: FREE
length: 1 hour
available: PRX, AudioPort, Download

visit The Center for Documentary Studies website

Explore humanity’s deepest questions

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Explore humanity’s deepest questions

The Closer To Truth Radio Hour
Season Two

A limited series of 10 programs exploring the vital ideas of existence

In its 17th season, the popular PBS television series Closer To Truth is broadcast on over 200 PBS and public stations in the U.S. and internationally.

Now these intimate conversations with leading scientists, philosophers, scholars, theologians and creative thinkers offering cutting-edge insights on the vital ideas of existence are available to the public radio audience in the Closer To Truth Radio Hour.

Closer To Truth makes profound ideas accessible, relevant, and engaging.

For more information, visit the Program listing.