The Architects of Music

The Architects of Music

Two unique courses showing how great composers create their masterpieces

Produced by Steve Robinson, creator of Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin

Classical music expert Lawrence Rapchak shows how great composers construct their masterpieces providing a concise blueprint through classical music’s most complex masterpieces.
In this on-line audio course consists of two sets of programs: 11 Introductory programs that include engaging and entertaining discussions of music by Haydn, Mozart, Chopin, Dvorak and others; and a series exploring every movement of all nine Beethoven symphonies.
In each program, Larry breaks it all down with overflowing passion and sense of humor to provide listeners with the tools to hear how the architects of classical music built their most adored compositions.
The Architects of Music is aimed at people who enjoy classical music but want to learn more about what makes it tick. In other words, YOUR LISTENERS.
Listeners can apply this knowledge to the music they hear on your station every day, giving them a deeper appreciation of the music you broadcast.

Cost: $10 per listener who buys the premium (at whatever level the station decides to charge).
Fulfillment: As soon as New Media Productions receives the name and email address of a listener who requests Architects, a link will be sent to that listener within hours.
To arrange for your station to use the Architects of Music course as a premium, or for more information, please contact:
Steve Robinson General Manager New Media Productions (312) 545-3535 

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If you’d like to hear any of the 11 introductory programs or any of the first six Beethoven symphonies currently being offered, please contact Steve who will provide you with a free link to the course. (The last three symphonies will be added soon and will be available to your subscribers when they appear.)