Labor Day Stories of Working Men & Women

Labor Day Stories of Working Men & Women

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Stories about Labor Day, and labor itself –  good, old-fashioned work  from The Apple Seed and Appalachian women who fought for workers rights from Top of Mind.

The Apple Seed Labor Day Special   

  • A visit to the State Fair,
  • a poem about taking pride in your work,
  • the story of John Henry, the steel-drivin’ man, one of America’s most famous work stories,
  • memories and thoughts about labor and Labor Day  from the Apple Seed family: from memories of summer romance to the struggle for better working conditions in Kenya,
  • and an original work song from Host Sam Payne about the building of a tunnel through a mile of rock in the 1920s.

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Top of Mind  Labor Day Special 

A special Labor Day episode about a group of women in Appalachia who defied stereotypes to get better living conditions for their families and better working conditions for their coal miner husbands.      Plus: raising awareness of hot car deaths – the intense heat blistering the United States has caused an increase in child deaths.      

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