Your Mission is Our Mission

Your Mission is Our Mission

With UnderCurrents:


Expand and Enhance Service
  • UnderCurrents has a unique, compelling voice that engages existing and new listeners.
  • Host Gregg McVicar, hand picks music that is rich in musicality and cultural values, keeping an ear to new trends while honoring the roots.
  • Gregg and his crew attend a lot of music festivals to experience and meet the artists first hand.
  • Everyday Gregg engages with listeners via social media.
Celebrate Diversity
  • UnderCurrents is a culturally inclusive program that appeals to a diverse audience and expands listeners’ understanding of the ways and values of others through its multi-cultural celebration of Alternative, Roots, Rock, Native, World, and emerging artists.
Strive for Technical Excellence
  • UnderCurrents offers consistently excellent production values.
  • No worries about levels because we’re locked at the -24 LUFS network standard.
  • Sound Exchange reporting?  All playlists uploaded to SX for those using NPR Digital Services; SX-ready speadsheets provided for those using Spinitron or filing directly.
  • All music is screened for offensive language.

UnderCurrents is easy to use whenever you need something good!

Schedule UnderCurrents daily, weekly or when you’re short-staffed.
With UnderCurrents you’re good to go!


For more information about UnderCurrents, check out our Program Listing.