Programs currently available from Creative PR


UnderCurrents WEEKEND (weekly program, 2 hours)

Gregg McVicar, producer of the highly popular UnderCurrents, presents a new 2-hour program that puts your listeners in weekend state of mind. Hosted by Gregg McVicar and Gabriela Castelan, UnderCurrents Weekend is a celebration of the weekend with highlights and segments focused on music, food, and friends.
LENGTH: 2 Hours    AVAILABLE: Download, PRX SubAuto  WEBSITE:

With Good Reason (weekly program, 1 hour or half hour)

Each week scholars explore the worlds of literature, science, the arts, politics, history, and business through lively discussion with host Sarah McConnell in a kitchen-table chat format. From the controversies over slave reparations and global warming, to the unique worlds of comic books and wine-making, With Good Reason is always surprising, challenging and fun!
LENGTH: 59 minutes or 29 minutes   COST: Free   AVAILABLE:  Download, AudioPort, PRX, Content Depot   WEBSITE:

Footlight Parade (weekly program, 1 hour)

Songs from Broadway and Hollywood musicals, cleverly connected by theme. Host Bill Rudman connects the messages from the lyrics of musicals as far back as the turn of the 20th Century and as current as Broadway’s latest hits, relating them all to his theme du jour — “Transformations,” “Down With Love,” and “To Dub or Not to Dub” are some recent titles.
LENGTH: 53 minutes   COST: Free   AVAILABLE: Download, PRX



Insight Daily (Daily Module, M-F Feature)

Insight Daily, a two-minute daily module (M-F), features insightful conversations with well-known authors, musicians, bloggers, public figures and culture creators about literature, music, entertainment, arts and the world in which we live. Whether it’s a best-selling author such as David Baldacci talking about his latest novel, or tips about starting a business or carving a pumpkin, Insight Daily provides insightful, entertaining and helpful information for the public radio listener.
LENGTH: 2 minutes   COST: Free   AVAILABLE: Download, AudioPort,  PRX, Content Depot

Sound Beat (Daily Module, M-F Feature)

A trip through the history of recorded sound. The daily, 90-second radio show highlights the holdings of the Belfer Audio Archive at Syracuse University, one of the largest sound archives in the United States. Each episode focuses on one particular recording from the archive and provides a back story detailing its place in recording history.
LENGTH: 90 seconds  COST: Free  AVAILABLE: DownloadAudioPort, Content Depot


UnderCurrents (Music Service, 4 hours daily)

4 hr daily music mix of Alternative, Roots, Rock, Native and emerging artists.  From a library of over 30,000 songs, Host Gregg McVicar, hand picks music that is rich in musicality and cultural values, keeping an ear to new trends while honoring the roots.
Length: 4 Hours daily   Available: Download, Content Depot    Website:


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