“Thanks for all you have done. You have helped us shape the show and make it better.” – Steve Pomeranz, Host/Producer, On the Money


“Kathy and Creative PR helped Destination DIY put together marketing materials and connect with key people at stations ahead of the Public Radio Program Directors conference. It was great to have their insight and encouragement as we reached out to new markets.” – Julie SabatierHost/Creator/Producer, Destination DIY


“Creative PR single-handedly increased station carriage of our multi-award-winning Compact Discoveries public radio classical music series by 20 communities across the U.S. in only three months, provided a promotion and marketing plan to continue this successful record, represented us at a national conference, and helped us prepare an NEA grant application. This was done by people who were as nice to work with and as helpful as you’ll find anywhere.”
Fred Flaxman, Producer/Presenter, Compact Discoveries


“Creative PR’s staff of very articulate, responsive, resourceful individuals was such an asset to us when we set out to write our organization’s first annual report in a number of years.  The employee’s can-do attitude was exactly what we needed when we didn’t even know where to start.  They took the relatively stiff language that we gave them and turned it into an approachable, easy to digest piece of work that speaks to the audience we want to reach.  Not too shabby for a first Annual Report writing!  Don’t just think of Creative PR as good marketers for your programs – think of them as good marketers for your entire organization!” -Martina Tran, Program Manager, NFCB


“It’s been great working with you and your team. I’m very delighted by the geographic range of stations that have aired our special… I think independent producers especially need the strength of a good marketing team like Creative PR to complete the full circle from idea to production to broadcast. We’ve heard very good things about your representation of our program. I’d give Creative PR 5 stars *****!” Catherine Stifter, Co-Director – Saving the Sierra


“Creative PR is terrific! They are tireless and smart. Without their marketing knowledge and skill we never could have converted the press coverage we received into carriage. In a year, we went from a student-produced program at Swarthmore College with a reach of 10 miles to a professional sounding show broadcast in 25 states, Canada, and internationally. Their expertise is indispensable for any producer wanting to maximize their carriage. Great bang for the buck, too!”Marty Goldensohn, Producer – War News Radio


“Without Kathy Gronau and her brilliant team at CreativePR, Crossing East would not have achieved its high carriage of 200-plus stations. The difficulties of distributing one hour of special programming are huge. To entice programmers to air an eight-hour series is a nearly impossible task. Yet CreativePR took on the challenge and presented a well-thought out strategy providing programmers with reasons why this series was important to be heard by their listeners. CreativePR’s consistent and positive marketing know-how really made Crossing East one of the most successfully distributed special series programs in recent history. I would highly recommend CreativePR to any public radio producer.”
Dmae Roberts , Peabody Award-winning radio Producer

“The first time we contracted Creative PR to market our specials our station-carriage doubled. Now, in less than a year, our stations have almost doubled again. This carriage is far beyond our projections. And I attribute this success in large part due to the friendly, professional relationships Creative PR has nurtured with programmers, and their unobtrusive but persistent approach to interacting with stations.”
Barrett Golding, (((HearingVoices)))


“You guys have been great to work with. You taught me a lot about this distribution business. You’ve been persistent and hard-working and dedicated. Your work has brought Heart-to-Heart to a much wider audience than would have otherwise been possible.”
Claire Schoen, HEART TO HEART: Caring for the Dying


“Creative PR has expanded our show’s carriage list from 50 to more than 200 stations. But our satisfaction surpasses the great numbers; we benefit from Creative PR’s professional knowledge and expertise, and rely on them as our sole representative to the industry.”
Lynn Rubenson, Bayer Corporation


“You create order out of chaos! Your work on the Playboy Jazz Festival’s public radio broadcast was superb. You not only got the results we need–carriage, exposure and positive feedback–but you did it seemingly effortlessly. We’re already looking forward to working with you on next year’s event.”
Bill Farley, Playboy Enterprises


“Congratulations on marketing a very successful series (Duke Ellington Centennial Radio Project)!”
Heidi Schultz, Public Radio International


“Creative PR is largely responsible for the highly successful launch of ‘Beale St. Caravan.’ Their continuing efforts maintains the program’s position as the premier blues show on public radio. They are the best thing since sliced bread.”
Sid Selvidge, Blues Foundation