Café Chill

Café Chill
“As the public radio audience ages, it’s critical that we bring new, younger listeners to our stations.  Café Chill is the type of programming that attracts this highly desirable group to your station.”
June Fox, General Manager C89.5,
Former V.P. of Station and Business Relations for Greater Public
Café Chill features a relaxed curated mix of downtempo EDM (Electronic Dance Music).  Think of it as a “Hearts of Space,” or “Echoes” for Millennials.
Host and curator Seth Bolin, who has his finger on the pulse of the EDM and club scenes, spotlights top artists as well as new independent emerging talents, and keeps the listener up-to-date with the latest news and releases, and upcoming appearances.
Cost:  FREE
Available:   PRX,  AudioPort,  FTP Download        
Length: 59 minutes
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